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Animal news part 1: I had no idea baboons were this smart or this vindictive.

Animal news part 2: Mad cow disease on the Continent. It's horrific stuff, the most repellent part being that the disease likely generates from dead cows being fed to live cows. I really would go vegetarian, but for the fact that I can barely maintain a weight of 120 lbs. even with red meat.

Six Mirror Shards on my Kitchen Wall

I reflect a head. These eyes,
they know things. The mouth
was meant for speaking: but watch
it feed.

Too high for an image. A wisp
of hair against white wall: paper white,
headstone white, the white of absence.
My edges are glass. Touch them
and bleed over this space.

Another eye, or is it
the same? These shards are too small
to reflect in the same direction.
Another I. It must be the same.
These are games for children, or professors.

Formless gut, a sweater covers me.
Someone said there were bones beneath it.
Someone saw a heart. These fairy tales
are dangerous. The police
have been informed.

Hands and elbows, darting and darting.
Watch out, idiots, don't you see
the boundary? That glass
will slice you in half, man. This isn't
a fucking bumper car ride.

I am the smallest: the shape of a dagger
pointing upward from the belt.
What I reflect, I hone to a point. And I
reflect you there in the kitchen, brushing
your pink tongue over the evening meal.
I know what you really hunger for.
I will split the other mirrors open.
What will you do, my love, when the wolves who raised you
come home to collect their due?


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