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[APRIL 2012.]

Stanford, bicycle, night: the beautiful wrecks of the future fly past my head: is it because they're consciously built as monuments that I can only see them as wrecks?

The car that showed me its rear today was one of those cars so luxurious that I didn’t recognize the logo. The vanity plate had been “hacked,” possibly with electrical tape, to read


Let us be clear: I know who’s been paying my bills lately. The structure is entirely open to view. After all, each link in the chain is so proud of its position.

This town and I have a limited half-life in combination.

i had no idea ecstasy was involved in IPOs.


I wish you a happy Easter/Hanamatsuri: as for us, on the day᾿s tenth diaper change over a diaper rash caused by some GI ailment or other, something I read maybe fifteen years ago popped into my head:

“Work! work! with no thought for today, nor hope for tomorrow; only this is salvation.”

That’s a paraphrase. No idea what it’s from. Google has nothing. Ring any grim bells?

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