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[JUNE 2018.]

Opening Bell

The first doctor wanted to put screws and a plate in my shoulder. Luckily my brother-in-law, also an orthopedic surgeon, took a look at the x-rays and said I should go see a second doctor, who reassured me that it’s healing just fine on its own without encouragement from the knife.

While I’ve been laid up, the folks at the press are introducing my book to the marketplace by way of trying to crowdfund the first print run (i.e. “is it worth the paper it’s printed on?”). I hope it will be! The financial stakes of course aren’t the highest; it’s the economy of attention whose scarcity is being tried, and if you’ve read this far we’ve already beaten the odds. I should be saying thank you. If what comes out instead is “As you love me, would you buy a book?”, I hope you’ll take it charitably, as a quirk of translation.

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