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So yesterday I went on out and bought me a beautiful bright blue Telecaster. I dig the minimalism (big white pickguard, two pickups, two knobs) and now I'm locked into that guitar-geek mode where I only want to sit around the house and play Radiohead and Blur songs and say to myself, "Yes, now I sound just like Johnny and Graham!" Eric thinks I should name it Gimlet, because last night I thought someone's drink was a gimlet and he found the word hilarious. I'm on the fence about the associations, though:

A real Gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice, and nothing else. It beats martinis hollow.

—Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

"I'll have a gimlet," Robert Wilson told him.

"I'll have a gimlet too. I need something," Macomber's wife said.

"I suppose it's the thing to do," Macomber agreed. "Tell him to make three gimlets."


So they sat there in the shade where the camp was pitched and some wide-topped acacia trees with a boulder-strewn cliff behind them, and a stretch of grass that ran to the bank of a boulder-filled stream in front with forest beyond it, and drank their just-cool lime drinks and avoided one another's eyes while the boys set the table for lunch.

—Ernest Hemingway, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber"

Gimlet dreamed that if she did not see a concert last night she would become a type of liquid, therefore my friends Mr. Wonderful, Big, Gimlet and I went to see Keith Jarrett play a piano concert at the Irvine Concert Hall in Irvine last night... Gimlet has observed me masturbating while I watch the English Leather Cologne commercial and she agrees that the woman is very alluring and states that she would like to lick the woman's vagina for her. Gimlet is a bisexual who is keen as anything on oral sex.

David Foster Wallace, "The Girl With Curious Hair"

Today I went to traffic school in re: May's accident, and received a certificate for completing a "Behavioral Course." I salivate at yellow lights now, but it's a small price to pay. My classmates were not particularly scholastic—at the end of the course, as we filled out evaluation forms, they were asking one another how to spell "boredom." Really.


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