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i do believe in fairies

Third beautiful San Francisco day in a row. Someone or something is trying to protect me from the clutches of the seasonal-affective. My plan is to spend most of the day at Café Abir, a lovely haunt at the corner of Fulton and Divisadero where I installed myself every day last summer, while everyone else went to their jobs, writing a novel which I planned to workshop once I got to Iowa. This was before I found out about Iowa's deep-running slant toward the short story form (apparently, we're not yet mature enough to write longer pieces), but seeing as I did write a complete draft this summer it will be unleashed upon the world one day.

People need to stop talking about the forthcoming recession, or they're going to will it into existence. My addled understanding of economics envisions a sort of Heisenbergian observer-dependent system, where nothing bad will happen until everybody starts to anticipate that something bad will happen, and then the panic over something bad happening causes something bad to happen. It's the same principle by which a fairy bites it every time you say "I don't believe in fairies."

Joke overheard from Lyse yesterday:

Cheney to Bush: George, it looks like the country's headed for a recession.

Bush: If the weather's nice, can we have recession outside?

The future 43rd President of the Republic met with Alan Greenspan today. "We had a very strong discussion," says Bush, "about my confidence in his abilities." One would think that any questions in confidence would be going the other way, but hey, who knows.

The apotheosis of Quayle.

Aliens! Ganymede likely has a subterranean ocean and a Mars meteorite suggests magnetic bacteria. As long as the scientists investigating it are smarter than the scientists in Red Planet. Among the many inexcusable parts of that movie is their referring to the alien bugs (which are arthropods) as "nematodes" (which are worms). Frankly, I would have rather seen worms. Then the giant Martian Space Canary could have descended and eaten them, after which the astronauts could kill and eat the Space Canary, and the universe would once again be safe for democracy.


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