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So we went to see the second Tom Hanks/Robert Zemeckis movie last night. Whaddya know, it was really good. Without giving too much away, let me say that this movie characterizes a volleyball better than most contemporary films can characterize any of their walking talking plastic people who pass for "actors."

Though it was an odd experience, visiting Reno's new downtown cinema. It was built last year as part of the City Council's plan to "revitalize downtown," which plan also necessitated detonating the Mapes Hotel. The problem with building a downtown theater alongside the river, ostensibly in order to take advantage of the river's natural beauty, is that nobody sees the river's natural beauty because they're all sitting inside, in the dark, watching Dude, Where's My Car? As a result, nobody goes. Less than 10 percent of the seats in our theater were occupied last night, and this is for the film that's currently No.1 at the box office. Most of the city councilpersons who approved this project have since been voted out of office, but still.

The inevitable pre-film movie trivia has also become painful. Examples:

-Classic moments: The Grinch's heart grew three sizes.
-Great formulas: True story + woman lawyer + environmental case = ?
-Flashback: Singing in the Rain [was a movie].

Bjork and Yorke together on the Dancer in the Dark album.

CNN reports on martinis but only gets it half right. Vodka martinis taste like vermouth gone bad. In related news, a cool link sent by Happycat a while ago: crystal photomicrography of popular cocktails.

This is probably the last log entry of 2000, as tomorrow I leave for a cabin in a remote, snowy portion of Idaho and won't be back until 31 December. Look for more metameat in the new year, and enjoy your actual, anal-astronomer-certified millenium.


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