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glamorous, amorous

Jewsinporn is some sort of conceptual Web art space; all of the selections are more or less the same thing, but it's an interesting thing.

Alexander Pope noted that "Chaucer's worst ribaldry is learn'd by rote," and the same generally holds for Shakespeare, except when you perform it in Iran.

In one scene, Leontes rages about Hermione "paddling palms and pinching fingers... and making practised smiles" with his friend. This contact has had to be cut and is implied instead.

"Men and women are not allowed to touch on stage. As the whole play hinges on a touch of the hands between a man and a woman, this presents a challenge," said Hamish Glen, the artistic director of the Dundee group.

In some cases the cast has relied on body language and simulated touches to get the play's message across.

"You have to find other means to convey affection," said Claire Dargo, who plays the king's daughter, Perdita. "So we tried to stand very close and lean in." Normally, her character wears a revealing summer dress but for the Tehran production Ms Dargo wore a long gown with long sleeves and a high neck.

We put up a scrapbook at the Muddy Bug site.


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