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They done occupied the building!

An undetermined number of protesters barricaded themselves at about 6 a.m. inside Wheeler Hall, which houses the English department.

Several demonstrators wearing bandannas opened a window, displayed a sign reading “32% Hike, 900 layoffs” with the word “Class” crossed out in red. They used a bullhorn to denounce the regents’ decision and to rally support from a group of students chanting outside.

University and Berkeley police cordoned off the building, located just north of Sather Gate, with yellow police tape.

Authority sent us an email:

The campus police are working to resolve a protest action that is occurring in Wheeler Hall. Staff, faculty and students who would normally be working in Wheeler Hall are asked to remain out of the building until further notice. Employees who can contact their supervisors should talk to them if possible to determine whether telecommuting or relocation to another work area is an option. Those in the building right now are advised to leave until the situation has been resolved.

Can’t trust those kids with bullhorns!


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