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do not take communists to the prom

So Chris is my teacher this semester. He doesn't really look like that picture any more; he has better hair and he's grown a wild and woolly beard. Due to his rural Kentucky origins, his porn star name (first pet owned + first street lived on) is "Pumpy Dirt Road." Also found recently: a riot grrl's paean to Po Bronson and Ethan.

And Ethan with that smile and openness, he is a giver, not as distant as Po. Ethan's eyes bore into me. I want to run my hand along that chisled [sic] jaw.

We kept meaning to bring a printout to class and show it to Ethan, but it never quite happened.

Camille Paglia, a very smart lady and a feminist liberal Democrat, attacks the current state of feminism, liberalism and the Democratic party and is quite eloquent even if you don't agree with her. "Hysterical chameleon" is a damned apt description of Gore on the campaign trail. As a bonus, McSweeney's has assembled a Paglia collage autobiography.

Clinton declares six new national monuments, including 486,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert. There's something more than a little undignified about the man's continued scramble for a legacy, but hey, if he's doing good things.

Finally have my own copy of Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister. The liner notes are so damn cute:

Belle And Sebastian were the product of botched capitalism. It would be nice to say they were the children of socialism, but that would be a fib. They rolled together as loose change is bound to. Change in the pocket of some fat cat civil servant. Who thought up Youth Training to make his boss look good. Who pokled the figures to make her boss look good. Who slept with a prostitute for credibility. We take our hats off to them all.

Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant.


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