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separation of powers

Lyse sends in a correction on yesterday's Japanese onomatopoeia:

Actually, to be exact, bon-cyu-bon is onomatopoetic for a curvy american woman's body. Japanese bodies, by comparison, go "sshuu!" I had this explained to me by a 12-year old japanese kid who was comparing our respective heights and other crucial measurements.

Well, Gore's new job makes sense. He'll fit in perfectly as that one professor everyone has: the guy who dresses immaculately and lectures in syntax more dense than most other people's writing, with the result that everyone's afraid to go to his office hours. Can you imagine office hours with Al? I've decided the man resembles a Komodo dragon.

How Komodo dragons mate and take down deer.

In their dreams, rats work out the psychic trauma involved in running mazes during the day. Makes sense to me.

Entranced this week by Modest Mouse's The Moon and Antarctica. I know everyone feels betrayed when their favorite lo-fi bands move to major labels, but seriously, sometimes they don't want to record in basements any more. The lyrics on this one are marvelous. The refrain from "3rd Planet":

The universe is shaped exactly like the earth
If you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were

is actually a pretty succinct explanation of Riemannian space-time curvature and the theory of a finite yet unbounded universe. It's good to get these things in your indie rock.

How to get out of academia before it's too late.


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