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my delicacy would not permit it

Weather adjustment continues. Last night I had dreams about warmth. Nothing specific, I was just in a dry place and then the sun came up and everything turned red and I was surrounded on all sides by absolute warmth. Well, at least the sun's out today.

Kofi Annan goes to Eritrea with a peace agreement about to be signed. He's been calling the war "unnecessary" (what wars are necessary?) though I remember that people were really unhappy with him while the war was going on. He was our graduation speaker in June (topic: global warming) and was interrupted by protesters chanting in a cordoned-off section of the football stadium. He said something to the effect of "I have heard you. Now will you hear me?" which was pretty diplomatic, I think. And his speech was mercifully brief, because it was damned hot in that stadium with all those black robes. Plus I was wearing my LIT CRIT FOR FOOD sandwich board.

High school girls come into their own. This Wiccan casts hexes and these goths eat the Bible.

David Foster Wallace publishes in McSweeney's under a pseudonym? The theory seems plausible enough, and since the story naturally isn't online I'll probably have to schlep over to Prairie Lights and see if they still carry McSweeney's in print. They did last summer. Gar, I'm such a groupie. And one day I'll get around to reading that Dave Eggers book, though being prejudicial I give 3:1 odds that I'll dislike it.

Nation's biggest LSD lab found in an abandoned missile silo.

Did Clinton really refer to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy as "dumb-ass"? Probably not. But considering he's out of there in a month, I think it's high time he started publicly cursing. I bet there are all kinds of great Arkansas epithets that he uses in private to refer to Trent Lott.

Look at that, the clouds are dissipating. Time to run out and play (read: pick up Xeroxes from the Workshop building).  

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