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there are two colors in my head

45 hours to liftoff from the Eastern Iowa Airport. My next month will be sort of a grand tour of the western U.S.: San Francisco to Reno to Boise to San Francisco to Tucson to San Francisco back to Iowa. I'll see if I can't keep some sort of peppy travelogue going here.

I take it as a sign of increasing stability that I'm finally able to listen to Radiohead's monumentally dark Kid A alone at night without it giving me the shakes. To commemorate, some Rh stuff:

The new album with more tracks from the Kid A sessions now has a title (Amnesiac) and a vague release date (April-ish). The best part of the article is that their U.S. publicity firm is called Nasty Little Man.

A two-month-old interview which is mainly valuable for chronicling Beavis and Butthead's 1993 response to "Creep":

By the end, they've observed that the singer seems a little low on self-esteem and have helpfully struck up a chant of 'I am somebody, I am somebody'.

Nothing-to-fear.org was launched last year on Thom Yorke's birthday and is an activist site concerned with G7, the World Bank, the IMF and suchlike sustainers of the insupportably massive Third World debt.

And on a vaguely related note, this year's top 28 British curse words (via robotwisdom). I have no idea what no. 10 is - an ethnic slur, I guess?

Huh, there's an Indymedia center in Tucson. Who knew? Looks like it's mostly concerned with NAFTA and environmental stuff.

When Blair Witch came out, everyone was talking about how it would change the face of cinema. Then everyone forgot about it, as no similar films were immediately emerging (the piece of doggy doo known as Book of Shadows bearing no artistic relation to the first film or anything else). Now we may finally be seeing one of the first successors in the assassination of Bill Gates. Don't tell me it doesn't look intriguing.


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