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evite el noid

This morning I had to take time out from packing, paying the electricity bill and so on to go take a French final in a smelly auditorium. Remind me never again to take an undergraduate course in the interest of "broadening myself." Je p├ęte le feu.

I learned all kinds of interesting things yesterday, but I can't share because they're all from browsing Christmas presents that I bought for other people. Sorry, I know that's terrible.

Looking ahead to San Francisco, everyone's now proclaiming the dotcom bust, which doesn't seem like a bust so much as the sort of renormalization that any market has to go through periodically. I suppose it's a bust if you're 25 and had a something-for-nothing mentality which led you to believe that you'd make millions with some dumb site like eVite. I have a bottle opener with their logo from a career fair last year. I doubt anyone ever pointed out to them that in Spanish, evite is the command form of "avoid."

This is sort of a poignant article on the ripple effect of folding startups: a vastly decreased demand for foosball tables. Though it isn't doing much for the current absurd rent conditions in SF; it seems like the city's whole cultural scene is packing up and moving to Modesto. Artists for Earthquakes have a reasonable solution.

Meanwhile, others in the Bay Area have found new ways to stay entertained, such as taking Entertainment Weekly way too seriously.

I don't know if Jessica Shaw's "Shaw Report" is supposed to be humorous or not but I have to say that it makes me ill every time I read it. Where does she get this information? Half of this stuff doesn't make sense and the other half is just plain stupid. This week, according to her, "Boggle" is in.

Who cares? I don't need someone telling me what board games to play. And how is that related to Russell Crowe? I think that a weekly photo of Britney Spears with a new hairdo would be a better use of the space than her column.

Lauren F.
Berkeley, CA

So there.


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