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Those from Iowa who still read here of course remember Fred and Kelly. Today I received some sad news from Fred.

Kelly’s brother Michael was killed in Iraq last week. Kelly and I are in Dallas, PA, with her family now.

Here are links to the stories in the local paper from last Wednesday:

A Dallas Soldier’s Dreams End in Iraq
First Lt. Michael Cleary Took the Path of a Patriot

Kelly wanted to let friends from Iowa know, and I thought of metameat. If you get this anytime soon and wouldn’t mind passing on the word, I’d greatly appreciate it. The family has started a foundation in Michael’s name, in case anyone wants to make a donation in place of sending flowers or anything. Here’s the address.

First Lieutenant Michael J. Cleary Memorial Foundation
c/o Wachovia Bank
P.O. Box 127
Dallas, PA 18612

Whatever words of sympathy I want to muster are incommensurable with this loss. I am so sorry.


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